Things You Should Know About Vietnam

Vietnam is well-known as a wonderful destination in Southeast Asia with stable security and reasonable cost. Moreover, this is also a peaceful land with various beautiful sites and time-honored tradition.

Dos And Don’ts Things When Traveling To Vietnam

Vietnam is a friendly and safe country with full of wonderful landscapes and interesting adventures for foreign travelers. Nevertheless, you should follow a quick list of dos and don’ts advice to have a perfect trouble-free trip in Vietnam.

Is Vietnam a Safe Country to Travel?

Vietnam is recognized as a friendly and safe country for travel. Generally, your trip will go smoothly and you have no trouble in your vacation. Some people may be worried about the little crime such as pickpocketing or thief, however, the level of these crimes is much lower than that ...

5 Useful Information For First-Time Travelling To Vietnam

If you have never been to Vietnam and it appears to be the next destination for your holidays, surely finding out what to prepare for this trip is very important. Especially when you visit some places for the first time. This article will show you the newest updates which are ...

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Vietnam

Vietnam is currently on the list of top 5 places that international visitors love to come. And of course, it is no coincidence that the number of travelers visiting this land has shot up to the sky years by years. If you’re wondering why this beautiful S-shaped country can capture ...

What To Prepare For The Trip To Vietnam?

Traveling with Private Hanoi Tour Guide, you don’t have to worry about transportation, accommodation or food as we prepared all of it for you. However, to have a smooth and happy journey, there are few things you have to prepare for yourselves.

Vietnamese Traditional Costumes

Vietnam is a multiethnic country with 54 distinct groups and each with its own cultural heritage and specific styles of clothing. Common traits often include splendid color, seemingly contradicting one another in each outfit: black and red, blue and red or blue and white.

Vietnamese People – Characteristics & Lifestyle

The world may only know Vietnamese people through documentation about the Vietnam wars in which the Vietnamese were described as the combative warriors. In fact, Vietnamese people are really brave warriors in wars but extremely gentle and rustic citizens in peace. They are willing to fight against any enemies but ...

The Reality of Vietnam Lifestyle & Culture

Naturally, in S-shape, Vietnam is a highly populated country with a population of over 90 millions of people spreading around from north to south. There are many distinguished lifestyles based on different regions and generations. However, there are some aspects of life remaining unchanged from time to time. Too difficult ...